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Adoption Attorneys in New York: Overview of Adoption Services

Comprehensive Legal Assistance for Adoption

Having focused our firm's practice on adoption and adoption-related matters for nearly 40 years, Greenberg & Greenberg has the wide-ranging legal knowledge and extensive insight needed to help clients through whatever their unique adoption concerns may be. If you are considering adoption with your loved one or as an individual, our New York adoption lawyers are here to assist, support and guide you through your legal journey.

We offer our experienced legal assistance for a variety of adoption issues, including the following:

Adoption Process
While the adoption process may at first seem intimidating and overwhelming, our New York adoption lawyers can effectively guide you through your unique adoption journey swiftly and successfully.

Birth Parent / Unplanned Pregnancy
In addition to assisting parents who wish to adopt, our firm also represents birth parents that have made the decision to place their child for adoption. Compassionate, experienced and fully supportive, our attorneys can guide you through the emotional and legal hurdles.

Domestic Adoption
Our firm can help adoptive U.S. parents realize their adoption dreams. With extensive knowledge of state and federal adoption laws and of the legal steps that must be met, we can ensure that you have the assistance you need.

Pre-Certification Requirements
Anyone who wishes to adopt a child must first obtain approval from the court. In addition to supplying a great deal of personal information, adoptive parents must also meet a number of pre-certification requirements, including criminal background checks and home studies.

Stepparent Adoption
Stepparents have the ability to formally and legally recognize their parental relationship with their spouse's child. Our New York adoption attorneys can help you through each step of your stepparent adoption, such as obtaining the consent of a non-involved parent.

Same-Sex Couple Adoption (Cross Adoptions)
In a process known as cross adoption, New York permits same-sex couples to legally adopt a child. Our firm proudly represents same-sex couples and provides our experienced assistance during these unique legal proceedings.

Relative Adoptions
Eligible family members may be permitted to adopt relatives after they have met certain certification and approval requirements. Our firm has been part of numerous relative adoptions for family members that include grandparents, uncles, aunts, adult siblings, adult cousins, and others.

International Adoption
International adoption can pose many legal difficulties for adoptive parents. From non-Hague adoptions to international adoptions of relatives, our firm is here to help you complete the necessary legal actions in a timely and accurate manner.Ready to adopt? Find out what the next step is

It is widely advised that parents who have adopted a child from a foreign country "re-adopt" their child in the U.S. in compliance with state and federal laws. Parents may also need to submit an adopted child's foreign adoption decree for court approval.

Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, and Guardianship Issues
Taking measures to protect the future of your adopted child in the event of unforeseen circumstances is a critical part of the adoption process. Our firm can help you with estate planning, designing a will or trust, or with guardianship issues.

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Making Your Adoption Dreams a Reality

A family-run firm that has worked with more than 6,000 families throughout our years of practice, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver the support and results our clients deserve. No matter what your adoption case may entail, you can be confident that caring and capable hands will always be nearby. Reach out to our New York adoption attorneys to learn about the ways in which we can make your adoption dreams a reality. Contact Greenberg & Greenberg today.

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