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Client Testimonials

I had been raised by my Step-Father ( Now my father) since I was a child and we now wanted to officially have me recognized as his child legally. Since I was already an adult the process was a little different that of a parent/child adoption. The process went smoothly with Jaime keeping in constant touch and explaining what the next steps and expected timelines were.

The most important thing for me was hiring an attorney that understood how the Adult adoption process worked and had experience doing it. My needs were not only met but far exceeded anything I could have hoped for.

My biggest concern was doing the process properly, not forgetting a step or getting bogged down in the whole process. This was addressed from the very first phone call I could tell that Jaime knew the process and understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish with my adult adoption and how to go about making it as efficient as possible

Jaime made the process as easy as possible. He even traveled to where my father was located so he wouldn't have to take a day off of work to fill out some paperwork. After I gave Jaime the information he needed he took care of everything and periodically called me with updates. He was also there any time I had a question and really took the time out to answer my questions fully.

Overall my adoption experience was amazing. It was quick and hassle free. Jaime took care of everything.

Vladimir Salzmann

James Greenberg is our favorite lawyer EVER! He is truly a special human being who was there for us every step of the way in the adoption of our wonderful child. Every time we visited with him, he devoted all of his attention and resources to our needs and desires. The most wonderful part was being able to call him and have him answer the phone almost every time, and when he couldn't, he called us back very promptly. Jaime is someone you feel that you can talk to about absolutely anything, and we highly recommend him to anyone going on the adoption journey. Unfortunately, there are many organizations that take advantage of adoptive parents, but we always felt that Greenberg & Greenberg was very reasonable with the pricing of their services and focused more on supporting us through the journey. THANKS JAIME!

There are many unknowns going into the adoption process, and we were well aware of this fact. We knew we had to embrace this and have faith, but there are certain aspects of the process that are very black and white. Jamie Greenberg and his firm did a superb job guiding us through the complicated process of domestic adoption, expertly advising us on each step and keeping us well informed.

Jamie Greenberg and his staff are very warm and welcoming. Because they are a family firm of adoption lawyers who have gone through the adoption process themselves, they have a lot of sensitivity to the personal side of adoption. We always felt that Jamie and the staff were there for us, ready to communicate with us, whether it was for a quick question or an urgent matter.

We wanted a lawyer that would hold our hands through the complicated process of adoption and not watch the clock like it was just a cold business transaction, but rather, recognize that it is a very delicate, human journey. We had some unsavory experiences with some other law firms, but by the time we sat with Jaime Greenberg for ten minutes, we knew he would be our adoption attorney. We felt that our needs were met after meeting with him, from that very first consultation, until our adopted son was in our arms, as well as in the months afterwards until our adoption was finalized!

Adoption was a first choice for us. We had decided to grow our family through adoption in December 2014. After researching firms that dealt with international and domestic adoptions, we were recommended to Greenberg & Greenberg by the social worker who had completed our home study for an international adoption application. When we switched to the plan of domestic adoption in April 2015, Jamie Greenberg guided us through all of the steps we needed to complete. We did not use an agency at all. We simply created a website with pictures and videos that we linked to the firm's site. Our child's birthmother found our website link and contacted the firm in October 2015, just as we were certified as adoptive parents by New York. We had the chance to meet our child's birth mother, and it was a very special and deep experience, to meet the person (who was more like an angel to us) that would give us the miracle of parenthood. Not so long after, later that fall (2015) we found ourselves rushing to the hospital on the night of our son's birth. He was placed into our arms within one hour of birth. We felt so blessed and were able to spend two days with our newborn in a private hospital room. Overall, it was a very smooth process, and this is largely because Greenberg and Greenberg puts families first. They handled all of the paperwork, and Jamie even came to the hospital in person on the night of the birth, so that we could enjoy our first moments with our child. The dedication that Jamie Greenberg shows to his work is unparalleled, and he is a kind and thoughtful person that knows how to take care of the business side so that parents can enjoy the wonder of welcoming a child into their lives. He even came to the hospital to help walk the baby to the car when we checked out and made sure that everything went smoothly. After we were given guardianship of our child, Jamie Greenberg worked hard to help us through the finalization process. We are filled with gratitude each day for the loving family we were given the space to create, and we could not have done it without Greenberg & Greenberg supporting us through the legal process.

Our adoption experience was positive overall, but had its stressful times as does any adoption. We were incredibly lucky to have Greenberg & Greenberg in our corner.

Diana Norma & Dennis Shafer

New York Adoption Attorneys Greenberg & Greenberg

When we first decided on adoption, we were overwhelmed, confused, and a little scared. After meeting with James Greenberg, we knew this was the attorney we wanted to work with. James took the time to sit with us and explain the entire process as well as answer all of our questions. He stood by us throughout our entire adoption journey and we wouldn't be parents to our beautiful son today if it wasn't for him!

Tracy and Jason

At Greenberg & Greenberg, we have been providing families with our experienced legal assistance, personal commitment and genuine compassion for 39 years. Throughout our firm's years of practice, we have worked with clients from all walks of life, both parents and children from all over the world. By helping families navigate the legal complexities of adoption, we have been able to deliver our clients the positive results they need and deserve and have consistently demonstrated our abilities to make adoption dreams a reality.

Take a moment to read what some of our past clients have to say about the support and service they received from our firm, and feel confident knowing that we remain as dedicated to our clients today as we have been since day one.

Dedicated to Luc's birthmother:

Today was our finalization for Luc's adoption; a day that celebrates a beginning with no end. Our love for Luc began at the Premier Diner when we first saw how he made your body so beautiful and your soul shine brighter than ever before. That day, you chose us to be Luc's mom and dad because you loved him beyond your own needs. Since that day, we have been his mommy and daddy, by choice and by election. Today, the judge told Luc "congratulations, this is your new mommy and daddy", I simply looked at him and said softly with a smile: "I am your new mommy and your old mommy". I have been there and always will; fittingly we went to celebrate for brunch at the nearby diner. We parked and I looked up to see that it was the Infinity Diner. It made me smile because my love for my son will be for infinity and so will yours for him. We were seated in a corner table just like the one at Primier Diner, when we first met each other... strange enough we found ourselves in the same seating arrangement... But this time with Luc instead of you. We have loved you both from the moment that we met you and we will for infinity, Luc and Samantha.

Danielle O.

After three adoptions with the Greenbergs, we consider them to be extended family. They successfully navigated us through the many challenges inherent in adoptions today and drew upon their decades of experience to ensure our "happy endings". The Greenbergs also guided us through the domestic legal filings and seemingly endless paperwork for our re-adoptions, citizenship certificates, and name changes in an organized, thorough, and knowledgeable manner. The Greenbergs have a wise, thoughtful, compassionate approach to their work. They are tireless in their efforts, they are trustworthy, and they give everything a personal touch. They are a unique, one of a kind law firm, and we highly recommend them. We will be forever grateful to the Greenbergs for bringing us together as a family.

- The Drew Family

"I was adopted at two months old from Bogota, Colombia. My mom always said that Barbara and Joel Greenberg were the ones that made us a family. The best thing that Barbara and Joel ever did was make a community of adopted children. They held annual picnics and holiday parties. I grew up knowing many other adopted children and feeling special - not different."

-K. Barnett

"I adopted my son from Guatemala in 2006 (home 2006). He is now going to be 7 years old and it was the best experience in my life. I am a single mother and every day I am amazed with the miracle of my handsome son.

I started out with an agency and about 3 months into the process, I spoke with an acquaintance who adopted her son from Guatemala, through the Greenberg's. She had such a positive experience with the Greenberg's that I immediately set up an interview with them.

The first day I met with Barbara, I was convinced that the Greenberg's were who I wanted to share this experience with. She made me feel comfortable and explained the entire process to me. I also met with Joel and Jaime that same day.

I immediately switched to having the Greenberg's handle the adoption process for me. From the start of the process, to the day my son came home was one year total. He was 6 ½ months old when I was able to bring him HOME.

During the entire process, I was kept up to date by the Greenberg's and the foster family in Guatemala, both on the adoption process and how my son was doing. I received many, many pictures and updates on how he was doing, and after each Doctor checkup.

The Greenberg's made the most important thing in my life so easy. They were always there for any questions or concerns. They explain each step of the process to me and let me know what the next step was.

I am forever grateful to the Greenberg's for giving me the most amazing gift in my life – MY SON!

If you should chose adoption, my advice is chose someone you can trust and has the experience and knowledge to make it a great experience. That to me is the Greenberg's.

My sincere thanks to the Greenberg family for brining my son HOME!"

- Teresa

"We were married in the early 60's and gave birth to a son who we lost in an accident at 5 years old. After years of struggling with infertility, adoption was an easy decision for us. Our only problem was finding the right path. We met Joel Greenberg at a meeting of adoptive parents in the mid 70's. By the end of the evening, we knew Joel was right for us. He was a soft-spoken (still is), experienced professional; we felt comfortable with him; and he and Barbara had been though the adoption process themselves. Every step of the way, Joel was always available to us, walking us through the application process, the home study, and finally giving us the good news that we were parents of a baby girl born November 15, 1976. How thrilled we were when we took her home on January 29, 1977, the day we still celebrate as our Family Anniversary.

Through the early years Joel and Barbara hosted garage sales at their home for the benefit of the orphanages in Colombia. Those were wonderful days when the parents helped with the sale and the children played together on the lawn (which I'm sure had to be renovated at the end of the day). Of course, we'll never forget the annual picnics and holiday parties which began with a small group and grew year after year until it was hard finding a venue large enough to hold the event.

We have a very long relationship with the Greenberg's going back almost 38 years. After all this time they are more than friends...they are our extended family. The only thing that's changed is that Joel now has two wonderful partners, Barbara and Jaime. We knew years ago that we made the right choice when we asked you to guide us down the path to adoption. God bless you Joel, Barbara and Jaime for all the lives you have touched. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for taking us down that path and making us a family again."

- Mary Ann, Ray and Kim

My husband and I had been trying to have kids for years. We were referred to the Greenberg's based on a referral from a friend. Our orphanage in Colombia, Casa de Maria Y El Nino matched us with a little boy... a perfect match for our family. The Greenberg's helped make our experience great! They were there for us answering our questions and helped us with a smooth transition. We are forever grateful for the Greenberg's and Casa De Maria Y Nino, in Colombia. I would tell anyone if they want to grow their family through adoption that the Greenberg's can help them.

- Jenn

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