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Discussing adoption with kids

I recently came across a discussion posted by Dr. Susan Cornbluth, on Linked IN that I have addressed for many years but decided to revisit. The question was "How Do I talk to My Child about Adoption?"

The question is pretty straight forward but of course has multiple answers and opinions I wanted to take it one step further and see if girls or boys would have a differing opinion or feeling towards the conversation. I agree with Dr. Susan Cornbluth that a family should begin the discussion and talk about the child's adoption story at an early age and even if in just passing conversation. That being said, I was curious about the response from the child to the conversation. I do have a unique angle on adoption being an adult adoptee, adoption attorney and Uncle to an adopted child (Johnny Pancakes 8 years old). So I first posed the question and started a conversation about adoption with my 12 year old daughter, asking her what questions would you have for me IF you were adopted? Twenty minutes later it was my turn to speak…I responded to her question"…because I just don't have any desire to travel to Colombia to find my biological mother." Her response… "Why Not?" "Don't you want to know more don't you need to know more?" A few days later my nephew was over for a sleepover… same topic was brought up…the response "Uncle Jaime can we please first watch the playoff hockey games." I smiled and said of course… This is not meant to be a scientific poll or over generalization but in all my years of speaking to young adopted children, teenagers and adult adoptees girls seem to have more questions about their adoption store and adoption in general than boys. Of course as my nephew grows up he may have more and more questions about his adoption and adoption in general but 40 years later, l have not. I am curious to know what others think and if adoptive parents have had a similar experience especially for those parents who may have both an adopted boy and girl.