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    • Adult Adoptee Panel Guest Speaker: James Greenberg, Esq.

      Adult Adoptee Panel Guest Speaker Last week, our very own James Greenberg, Esq. was a guest speaker on the Adult Adoptee Panel held by the Adoptive Parents Committee, Inc. (APC). An adult adoptee ...

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    • True Faith: An Adoption Success Story

      For many people, taking the Oath of Allegiance at a United States naturalization ceremony is a significant event on par with a major school graduation or even a wedding. Like those events, the ...

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    • Greenberg & Greenberg Helps Couple Adopt Infant Son After Adoption Agency Delays

      Greenberg & Greenberg is known as the most trusted adoption law firm in New York due to our genuine compassion and connections we make with our clients, as well as our extensive practice experience. ...

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    • Greenberg & Greenberg Helps Bring Family Together

      We at Greenberg & Greenberg are thrilled to share the beautiful adoption story of our dear former clients, an incredible couple that was able to successfully adopt the child of their dreams thanks to ...

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    • The Importance of Having a Certificate of Citizenship

      In May, a man born in South Korea, adopted into an American family living in the United States, and then deported back to South Korea, took his own life in what officials are calling a tragic yet ...

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    • Discussing adoption with kids

      I recently came across a discussion posted by Dr. Susan Cornbluth, on Linked IN that I have addressed for many years but decided to revisit. The question was " How Do I talk to My Child about ...

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