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Leslie and child Eleanor

Leslie is a successful engineer with a big heart. She is a single mom to two-year-old Eleanor. She is outgoing, enjoys taking Eleanor on adventures and showing her the world. Leslie has a close and supportive family that includes strong relationships with her parents and siblings. Leslie is looking to grow her family and give unconditional love to another child.

Contact Leslie today at (800) 668-0714

Larry & Nicole

Larry pictured in a suit and Nicole pictured in a white dress on the beach

Larry and Nicole have been together since 2012. They are happily married and pride themselves on having a strong family-centered home. Their family includes Lucas, Larry's 10 year old son and Nicole's stepson, and their dog, Duncan, a Goldendoodle who loves children. Larry and Nicole are very excited for the possibility to grow their loving family.

Contact Larry & Nicole at (631) 524-4663