Our Extended Family



Baby girl in grass Baby girl on bench Man, woman, and baby smiling 00000033 (1) (1).jpg
Man and woman holding baby Couple holding infant Toddler reaching for banana Man on the left holding toddler with arm around man in the middle and woman on the right holding a baby
sleeping baby Three young boys standing next to each other smiling and holding two dogs Man, woman, and three children smiling Toddler smiling
young girl smiling for picture with two boys on either side of her Smiling family of 5 Three boys posing in Halloween costumes Woman in wedding dress smiling for picture with older man and woman on either side of her
Woman holding a citizenship certificate at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Young boy smiling in toy truck Boy and girl sitting on the beach Attorney James M. Greenberg with family wearing masks
Attorney James M. Greenberg holding a young boy Young woman standing in front of a Statue of Liberty and American Flag Attorney James M. Greenberg standing with family Young man standing with certificate in courthouse
  Family standing together in a courthouse Little girl standing in autumn leaves